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What Inspires Us

Shallaway is first and foremost a youth arts organization that celebrates and connects with culture through choral music. We are inspired by the vibrant arts community of our home province, and the opportunities we have to collaborate with other groups and organizations here in NL and around the world.

Each year Shallaway’s performance schedule is packed with events. From festivals such as 2024’s Harbour Voices, happening in NL, to shows and tours, we are exhilarated by the chance to share our songs. We also partner with other arts organizations and cultural groups to enhance the experiences of our choristers.

We are excited to share with music lovers and choral groups a selection of arrangements for SSA and SATB ensembles from our pianist Leslee Hays. For many years Leslee has done outstanding work as part of Shallaway’s programming, and you can hear previews and purchase the arrangements right here on our website.

We also celebrate the knowledge that our long history of developing young leaders that are committed to their communities means our alumni are both widespread, and always close to our hearts. Our active alumni association encourages participation of alumni in Shallaway’s current projects. Notable alumni include Tom Power – host of CBC Radio’s q, musician Tim Baker, conductor Kathleen Allen, Radio-Canada reporter Patrick Butler, Mary Winters of the Lego Foundation, Gillan Langor, Rhodes Scholar and VISO Trust, Ryan McDonald of Opera Q, Dr. Erica Lilly, and Dr. Doug Angelto.