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Tuition and the Cox & Palmer Bursary

Tuition pays for your singer’s membership in Shallaway Youth Choir and allows us to pay for rehearsal and performance space, sound and lighting technicians, conductors, accompanists, music licensing, retreats, world-class clinicians, collaborations, workshops, our music library, and all the administrative costs required to run our organization. The annual costs of being involved in Shallaway are on par or lower than similar arts or sports activities. 

In addition to eight monthly tuition payments, there’s an annual Family Membership Fee, uniform and tour/retreat fees for every chorister. 

Through the generosity of our sponsor Cox & Palmer we offer a Bursary Program that may be available if you face economic challenges joining Shallaway. Please review the information below to learn how you can apply.

The fees for the 2024-2025 season are outlined below. Fees are decided by our administration and board and set annually.

2024-2025 Tuition

Registration will be live Monday, May 31, 2025 and as always, will be on a first come, first served basis. 

Annual Family Membership Fee of $150 is non-refundable and will be applied upon registration. 

Monthly payments will be withdrawn on the 15th of each month from August – March. (Alternative payment plans are available, reach out to to discuss.)

PrimaEight monthly payments of $105.00
DolceEight monthly payments of $105.00
NobileEight monthly payments of $132.00
VivoEight monthly payments of $132.00
LaudaEight monthly payments of $132.00
JubilateEight monthly payments of $187.00
CamerataEight monthly payments of $150.00
Exsultate (includes Camerata)Eight monthly payments of $170.00

Uniform Fees for 2024-2025 Season:

Prima$60.00 (Dress + t-shirt)
Dolce$60.00 (Dress + t-shirt)
Nobile$60.00  (Tie/Suspenders + t-shirt)
Vivo$100 (Dress + t-shirt)
Lauda$30 (t-shirt)+ price of custom uniform TBD
Jubilate$30 (t-shirt)+ price of custom uniform TBD
Camerata$30 (t-shirt)+ price of custom uniform TBD
Exsultate (includes Camerata)$35 (t-shirt)+ price of custom uniform TBD
*Note: For groups that are lent a uniform and/or fish pin, see the chorister handbook for replacement costs for lost or damaged items.

Approximate Retreat/Tour Fees for 2024-2025 Season:

Prima, Dolce, Vivo, Nobile Jr, Lauda Day Tour$60
Jubilate Tour$650.00  – $850.00
Exsultate Tour (Spain)$5000- $5500

Refund Policy:

All withdrawals are subject to a $30 administration fee. A full refund of tuition may be available for those who withdraw from the choir during September. After September, we refund the remaining tuition (pro-rated) starting one month after the withdrawal request date.

No refunds after February 1.

Cox and Palmer Bursary Program

It is important to Shallaway Youth Choir that our program is accessible to as many children and youth as possible. Therefore, we offer a bursary program to our choristers. 

When considering applications for bursary support we consult Statistics Canada data as a benchmark for identifying families that may benefit from financial assistance. Our goal is to ensure that no youth are denied the Shallaway experience because of finances and all applications will be evaluated for their unique circumstances. 

Please reach out to for more information. We value discretion and privacy. We know these are indeed challenging times for parents, families and our communities.

Please note:


  • Applications will be considered on an ongoing basis while funds are available.
  • Choristers must be admitted based on Shallaway Youth Choir’s standard admissions criteria before being considered for bursary funding.
  • Choristers must actively participate in Shallaway Youth Choir’s fundraising programs to qualify for bursary funding.
  • Shallaway Youth Choir reserves the right to request documentation supporting the information disclosed on the Bursary Application form.
  • Funding provided is relative to the term for this application only and does not guarantee future funding. Where need continues, annual re-applications are necessary.