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Shallaway is a registered charity.

Arts organizations like Shallaway are supported in many ways, and we are grateful for all of them. It is such a powerful experience to see our choristers grow up into mature, caring and independent adults, and we dream of sharing that with as many people as possible.

To achieve that, we rely on gifts of time and money from generous supporters. Tuition covers only 40 percent of our expenses, so we seek community partners to fundraise, donate or sponsor our events and our ensembles. 

Shallaway offers scholarships to members whose commitment to choir is strong but funding may be lacking. And our bursary program, generously funded by Cox and Palmer, allows choristers who might not otherwise be able to participate to participate in our programs. 

All of our funding, regardless of where it comes from, goes directly into providing our choristers with culturally diverse and enriching experiences – whether through visiting speakers and musicians, tours, and performances, or simply the opportunity to sing with all their hearts as part of a supportive and mentoring ensemble.

If you would like to support Shallaway through a direct donation, please visit.

If you’d like to discuss a more formal sponsorship arrangement please contact Jennifer Neary – or email