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Claire Bates

Claire Bates (She/Her) is a graduate of Memorial University’s School of Music and is now studying Music Education. Claire is a private teacher at Tempo Music Studio where she enjoys working with students to cultivate a love of music and learning. Claire first joined Shallaway as a choral mentor with Exsultate and Lauda. She fell in love with the youth and faculty of the organization and had the privilege to become a choral scholar with Camerata and an assistant conductor with Prima. Claire has won several awards for her dedication to choral music including the Dr. Peggy Allan Armstrong Bursary and the Ivan Palmer Award in Choral Music. Additionally, Claire has had the honor of representing the country in several international Choral Festivals and Competitions with Shallaway. She has also represented Newfoundland and Labrador in the National Youth Choir of Canada. When not teaching or working with the choir Claire sings with Lady Cove Women’s Choir and enjoys a good cup of coffee.