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As an ensemble it is no surprise that we love to share our music with others. Shallaway takes part in many projects each year from local festivals to international competitions, and would love to discuss a collaboration. Reach out to our Executive Director Jennifer Neary to learn more.

Local arts community

Here in Newfoundland, Shallaway singers have contributed to performances or recordings large and small. We have worked with alumnus Tim Baker, Deantha Edmunds, Geraldine Hollett of The Once, The Ennis Sisters, Shanneyganock, Artistic Fraud Theatre Company, Alan Doyle and many more!


This Inuit youth choir from Nunatsiavut builds on the deep music-making traditions of the Labrador Coast. Shallaway has partnered in performances and members have participated in the Pan Labrador Choir Project.


Every season we look for opportunities to take part in choral festivals across the country and the world. We’re very excited that July 2024 will see the debut of Newfoundland’s new international choral festival – Harbour Voices – and Shallaway is working diligently to make it an amazing experience.

Harbour Voices

Cultural Connections

Through performance collaborations, touring and workshops, Shallaway choristers develop relationships with artists from all over the world. We have worked with the Black Heritage Choir, The NL Deaf Choir, and Scott Jones’ Vox Choir, Musica Intima and many others. Contact us to discuss a collaboration.