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In-Person Auditions Set for August 24, 2024!

May 16, 2024

If your child is looking for new friendships, and a fun and caring environment with world-class musical training, Shallaway is for them!

Here’s what awaits at the audition:

Your child can showcase their talent with any song they’re comfortable with – whether it’s a Broadway hit, a chart-topper, a cultural melody, or even “Happy Birthday.”

Engage in a fun vocal activity to explore your child’s range – no prep needed!

Expect a relaxed 10-minute session where your child can shine.

Don’t let this opportunity slip by! Enrich your child’s life with world-class musical training and unforgettable experiences at Shallaway.

Book your audition now to secure your spot! Visit

Japan Tour 2024: A Musical and Cultural Journey

June 4, 2024

Shallaway Youth Choir is embarking on an incredible tour to Japan, filled with amazing workshops, cultural exchanges, and performances. Here’s a sneak peek at our itinerary:

🎶 July 27 – Workshops and cultural sharing with The Kyoto Junior Chorus.

🎤 July 30 – Concert at the Cultural Museum of Kyoto.

🕊️ July 31 – Performance at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

August 2 – Special performance at the Embassy of Canada.

Our journey begins on Wednesday, July 24, as we depart Canada and head to Japan for an unforgettable experience.

Stay tuned for updates and join us in celebrating the power of music and cultural connection! 🌏🎵

Big congratulations to our Nobile Jr. Ensemble!

June 13, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that following an outstanding performance at the 2024 Provincial Music Festival, Nobile Jr. has been selected to represent Newfoundland and Labrador at the National Music Festival.

Thank you to our conductor Robert Colbourne and accompanist Andrea Lane Gardner.

Also, a special shoutout to Shallaway Chorister Aoife Strand for her award in the developing artist stream for voice!

Acclaimed Conductor Panda van Proosdij to Lead Movement Workshops

May 13, 2024

Shallaway Youth Choir is thrilled to welcome the world’s leading choral movement specialist to Newfoundland and Labrador. Originally from Holland, Panda van Proosdij is a highly respected figure in the world of choral arts, renowned for her expertise in movement and expression. Her first time in Canada, van Proosdij will spend ten days, March 3-12, working directly with the over 350 choristers of Shallaway, the 100 choristers of Holy Heart High School, and 15 members of Ullugiagatsuk choir from Nunatsiavut, Labrador.

“After meeting Panda at the World Choral Symposium in Istanbul last year, I knew that her energy, spirit and practice would be a wonderful fit with the choral community in Newfoundland and Labrador.” – Robert Colbourne, Director Shallaway Noble Choir

While in St. John’s van Proosdij will be offering professional development to teachers and choral leaders in the region. Her unique philosophy, ‘supporting the voice by creating physical awareness as a means to let movement contribute to the quality of singing’, has the potential to significantly impact the practice of choirs, choristers, and choral leadership in this province.

These workshops have been made possible with the support of The Bruneau Centre. The mandate of the BCECM is to support ‘the realisation of projects that have the potential to stimulate excellence in community music-making at local levels both across the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and on national and international levels.

Shallaway Youth Choir Welcomes “Terra” to Its Musical Family

February 21, 2024

Shallaway Youth Choir is thrilled to announce the official name of our newest ensemble: Terra. This name, inspired by the Latin word for “earth,” beautifully encapsulates the essence and spirit of our newcomer’s choir. Terra represents not just the ground beneath our feet, but the shared home of all humanity, reflecting the diverse backgrounds and cultures of its members who come together from all corners of the globe.

The choice of “Terra” as a name is a testament to the power of music to transcend boundaries and unite us. It embodies our belief that through the universal language of music, we can create a harmonious world that celebrates the richness of our collective human experience. As Terra joins the Shallaway Youth Choir family, we are reminded of our commitment to fostering an inclusive community where young voices can come together to create something truly beautiful and transformative.

Music has always had the extraordinary ability to bring people together, and with Terra, we continue this tradition. This ensemble will not only offer its members a platform to showcase their talents but also an opportunity for all of our Shallaway community to learn from each other and grow as global citizens together. Terra stands as a symbol of unity, diversity, and the enduring power of music to connect us all.

We are incredibly excited to see Terra flourish and contribute to the rich tapestry of performances that the Shallaway Youth Choir is known for. As we officially welcome this new ensemble, we look forward to the unique perspectives and musical expressions that Terra will bring to our choir family.

Please join us in celebrating this new chapter as we continue to nurture young talent and share the joy of music with our community and the world.


New pilot program for newcomer children

February 5, 2024

This week, Shallaway Youth Choir launched an exciting pilot program for newcomer children in partnership with elementary schools in the St. John’s area.

Shallaway professionals are working with music teachers at Bishop Abraham and St. Andrews, beginning ensembles specifically targeting children newly arrived to our province. Choristers in these ensembles will sing and learn together and will perform in Shallaway’s upcoming spring concert.

“Music and culture in our province will evolve over the coming years, and the rich cultures and lived experience of all of the families choosing to make Newfoundland and Labrador their home will have a profound impact on the future of arts in our province. Learning and growing together is so important for the future of choirs here. And choir is the most perfect space to cultivate respect, curiosity, empathy, care, and excitement about diverse music and singing traditions.”- Kellie Walsh, Artistic Director

With the guidance and collaboration of The Association of New Canadians, the Department of Immigration and Music NL this pilot program has been proposed to break down barriers and provide opportunities. Through this pilot process, with the counsel and support of all the relevant bodies, Shallaway hopes to develop a broad-reaching, impactful program.

Shallaway and the pilot schools are removing barriers to participation:

The call for participation was translated into 18 languages!

There are no fees.

No transportation is required.

Programming is taking place in familiar spaces, after school in the music room.

This pilot program is supported by VOCM Cares Foundation and Fortis Inc.

We’re grateful to the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation

February 2, 2024

We’re grateful to the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation for sponsoring sensory tools and musical instruments to engage and support individuals with sensory sensitivities during rehearsals and performances. Our Lauda ensemble will benefit greatly from this generous grant.

Envisioned to embrace diversity and inclusion and to challenge norms and practices around music-making, Lauda provides an enriching musical experience in a safe, neuro-diverse environment.

A portion of the grant will be allocated to provide training for our staff and volunteers in creating inclusive and sensory-friendly environments. Additionally, we will offer accessibility services to Lauda members to address their individual needs. #FriendlyFuture #GiveWhereWeLive #Philanthropy

Notice of Annual General Meeting

August 20, 2023

To: All Members


TAKE NOTICE that the Annual General Meeting (the “meeting”) of Shallaway Youth In Chorus Inc., will be held vat 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 19 for the following purposes:

 1.      To receive the Joint Report from the Board Chair, Artistic and Executive Directors

2.      To approve the minutes of the Annual General Meeting of members held on October 21, 2022 in St. John’s, Canada.

3.      To receive and consider the financial statements of Shallaway Youth In Chorus Inc. for the year ended August 31, 2022 and the report of the auditors thereon.

4.      To appoint Shallaway Youth In Chorus Inc. auditors for the ensuing year.

5.      To install the directors as per the nomination process.

6.      To transact such other business that may properly come before the meeting or any adjournment or adjournments thereof.

Help us, rise up!

August 9, 2023

For 31 years, Shallaway has relied on our community’s kindness and performed on borrowed risers. However, as we grow, diversify our performance spaces and artistic activities, these structures no longer meet our needs. With a monthly donation of $10, or a one time donation of any amount, you can help us purchase our very first set of choral risers.

Help our choristers get a leg up.