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New pilot program for newcomer children

This week, Shallaway Youth Choir launched an exciting pilot program for newcomer children in partnership with elementary schools in the St. John’s area.

Shallaway professionals are working with music teachers at Bishop Abraham and St. Andrews, beginning ensembles specifically targeting children newly arrived to our province. Choristers in these ensembles will sing and learn together and will perform in Shallaway’s upcoming spring concert.

“Music and culture in our province will evolve over the coming years, and the rich cultures and lived experience of all of the families choosing to make Newfoundland and Labrador their home will have a profound impact on the future of arts in our province. Learning and growing together is so important for the future of choirs here. And choir is the most perfect space to cultivate respect, curiosity, empathy, care, and excitement about diverse music and singing traditions.”- Kellie Walsh, Artistic Director

With the guidance and collaboration of The Association of New Canadians, the Department of Immigration and Music NL this pilot program has been proposed to break down barriers and provide opportunities. Through this pilot process, with the counsel and support of all the relevant bodies, Shallaway hopes to develop a broad-reaching, impactful program.

Shallaway and the pilot schools are removing barriers to participation:

The call for participation was translated into 18 languages!

There are no fees.

No transportation is required.

Programming is taking place in familiar spaces, after school in the music room.

This pilot program is supported by VOCM Cares Foundation and Fortis Inc.