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Leadership Development

Fishpin Ceremony

The emblem of Shallaway, known as the fishpin, is meticulously crafted by Newfoundland and Labrador artist Kim Marshall. It features two vertically aligned fish—one made of hand-painted fabric and the other of painted wood—each symbolizing the choir’s ethos and membership. Integral to the uniform, the fishpin embodies core values such as community, growth, and artistic dedication, while also highlighting individual uniqueness and the ongoing cycle of mentorship and legacy. Each season, senior choristers bestow these pins upon new members, marking their initiation into the organization.

Chorister Council

Every season, Jubilate and Camerata elect representatives to a Chorister Council to run its affairs and represent its members.

The Chorister Council develops relationships between choristers by organizing social events and other activities for members of the Shallaway family. Their liaison with faculty, staff, and volunteers serves as a vital communicative link in Shallaway.

Responsibilities of the Chorister Council include:

  • Working with administration, faculty, and volunteers to promote unity, socialization, and friendships among choristers.
  • Taking on a leadership role, and setting a good example for choristers with regard to behavior, attitude, and musicianship.
  • Organizing/executing parties and other social activities for choristers throughout the year. 
  • Planning, coordinating and executing retreat activities.
  • Providing a way for choristers to voice suggestions/comments.
  • Initiating activities to boost morale and encourage recognition of Shallaway.

Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement Program provides choristers who seek a greater musical challenge to have an enriched learning experience in a nurturing and supportive setting.

Each season during the winter term, choristers in Nobile, Vivo and Jubilate are given the opportunity to audition and sing in the ensemble above them. AP choristers are given a three-week trial period which allows the family to decide if their child is capable of fitting the expectations of two ensembles into their schedule, given the additional time commitment.

Children in the Advanced Placement Program are required to learn the repertoire and attend all of the rehearsals, concerts and other activities of two ensembles. Each year there have been anywhere between 10 and 20 children who take part in this program. It’s a powerful growth experience on so many levels for these young singers.


Shallaway’s Apprenticeship Program provides mentored leadership and collaborative experience to our own choristers each year.

Our apprentices become an integral part of the teaching team and more importantly, these mentors are the most positive role models that the choristers could have. They act with generosity of spirit, dedication, empathy, and initiative. Building a strong community is first and foremost in their minds.

Apprenticeships will be made available this season to interested members of Vivo, Nobile, and Jubilate who show a particular interest in both the instructive and performance aspects of our program. You must be a Shallaway member for at least one (1 ) year to be able to apply. 

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