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Lauda, a word which means “to praise”, is an ensemble within the Shallaway Youth Choir community.

Our neuro-diverse choir, Lauda, offers a caring and supportive environment that celebrates the unique strengths and talents of all its members under the guidance of music specialists and a music therapist.


Age Range

minimum age requirement 10 years old




Rebecca Rendell, Leanne Kearsey and Jenny Griffioen

2024-25 fees

$150 per year, per family

Monthly Tuition

Eight monthly payments of $132.00

Uniform Fee

$30.00 (t-shirt) + price of custom uniform TBD

Retreat / Tour Fees

Retreat / Tour Fees: $50 (per season, approximate)


Fees are set annually

2024-25 Rehearsal Times

Thursday: 6:45 PM – 8:00 PM