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Exsultate is the competition-focused ensemble of Shallaway for youth ages 12 and older, up to the age of 25.

Members admitted to this ensemble are expected to have busy practice and tour schedules as they will be competing more frequently on an international level. 

They rehearse twice a week, one 3-hour Camerata rehearsal and a separate, 2.5-hour rehearsal. Through an annual audition process the group will be sized appropriately (30-40 choristers) to allow for a busier practice schedule and will travel to perform on the international stage. Current Shallaway members and university age students are invited to explore this incredible opportunity to represent Newfoundland’s musical culture in the world stage.


Age Range

12 – 25


Kellie Walsh

2024-25 fees

$150 per year, per family

Monthly Tuition

$170 per month, per chorister (eight payments)

Uniform Fee

$25.00 (t-shirt) + price of custom uniform TBD

Retreat / Tour Fees

Families can budget approximately $4,000 annually to cover travel for this ensemble.


Fees are set annually

2024-25 Rehearsal Times

Thursday: 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM