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Camerata is widely recognized as one of the finest youth choirs in the world. Members admitted to this ensemble are expected to tour bi-annually, typically nationally and/or internationally as opportunities arise.

These more experienced singers act as mentors and demonstrate leadership for our younger choristers. All Camerata members are eligible for election to their own student government, the Camerata Chorister Council

When Camerata choristers reach the age of 18 and graduate from both high school and the choir, they may choose to remain as Associates and sing with the choir while pursuing post-secondary studies. Associates may choose to sing on a term-only basis.


Age Range



Grades 10-12


Artistic Director, Kellie Walsh and accompanist Leslee Heys.

2024-25 fees

$150 per year, per family

Monthly Tuition

$150 per month, per chorister (eight payments)

Uniform Fee

$30.00 (t-shirt) + $280.00 price of custom uniform

Retreat / Tour Fees

Summer 2024 Japan tour cost TBD


Fees are set annually

2024-25 Rehearsal Times

Tuesday: 6:15 PM – 9:15 PM