Shallaway Apprentices in Labrador

On February 7, six of our Shallaway Apprentices traveled to Labrador to take part in a weekend of singing, mentoring, and friendship. This year, for the first time, the Pan Labrador choir project took place in Hopedale, bringing together over 50 youth from five coastal communities.
It was an incredible and special weekend for our Apprentices to have had the chance to spend time in one of the most beautiful places in our province with young people from the Northern communities across Labrador. The friendships, understandings, memories, and experiences shared will impact everyone involved for years to come.
Peer mentorship is such an important part of Shallaway and we’re so proud that our Apprentices, along with senior members of the Inuit Youth Choir, Ullugiagatsuk had the opportunity to teach and mentor younger singers as they prepared for performances in the school, community and for a special concert for Inuit Elders.
Here’s a link to a video from the trip: