Chorister Council

Every season, each ensemble elects a Chorister Council to run its affairs and represent its members. The Chorister Council develops relationships between choristers by organizing social events and other activities for members of the Shallaway family. Their liaison with faculty, staff, and volunteers serves as a vital communicative link in Shallaway.

Responsibilities of the Chorister Council include:

  • Working with administration, faculty, and volunteers to promote unity, socialization, and friendships among choristers.
  • Taking on a leadership role, and setting a good example for choristers with regard to behavior, attitude, and musicianship.
  • Organizing/executing parties and other social activities for choristers throughout the year. 
  • Planning, coordinating and executing retreat activities.
  • Providing a way for choristers to voice suggestions/comments.
  • Initiating activities to boost morale and encourage recognition of Shallaway.