Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement Program offers an enriched learning opportunity and is designed to provide choristers who seek a greater musical challenge, to have an advanced experience in a nurturing and supportive setting. Each season during the winter term, choristers are given the opportunity to audition and sing in the ensemble that is the directly subsequent ensemble from their own. If they are accepted into the program, they are given a three-week trial period which allows the family to decide if their child is capable of fitting the expectations of two ensembles into their schedule, as it is a big commitment of time. The children in the Advanced Placement Program are required to learn the repertoire and attend all of the rehearsals, concerts and other activities of two ensembles. Each year there have been anywhere between 10 and 20 children who take part in this program. As you can imagine, it is a powerful growth experience on so many levels for these young singers.