Shallaway has been a staple in the music community of Newfoundland and Labrador for over 25 years. Choral music provided by our province’s youth is captivating and allows any listener to become lost in the beauty and melodies of our culture.

With the addition of our new chamber ensemble, Exsultate, Shallaway has furthered its ability to offer opportunity to experienced choral singers looking to share their talent and perform on a global stage.

As Shallaway grows and evolves to strengthen its capacity, we welcome auditions and encourage current members to explore this new opportunity.

This is an exciting time and a new milestone for Shallaway. Change is a positive thing. It means we can open the door for more music… for more people. And that is what inspires everything at Shallaway: love of music and sharing that gift with the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age group?

The age group of this ensemble will be 12 years old and up.

How many Choristers will make up the ensemble?

Exsultate will consist of 30 – 40 choristers from Camerata.

How will we determine who will be in the ensemble?

Through an annual audition process, we encourage current members to explore this new opportunity. This experienced group will be sized appropriately to allow for a busier practice schedule and will travel and perform on a global scale.

How much of a commitment will there be for choristers?

Choristers must commit to two rehearsals a week. One Camerata rehearsal and a separate, 2.5-hour rehearsal on Thursday afternoon/evening.  Exsultate will also have an annual touring schedule, while Camerata will move to a biennial touring schedule.

What is the cost?

The registration fee will be $1150.00 annually. This includes the Camerata registration fee as well.

Will this affect our Camerata ensemble?

The only change to our Camerata ensemble is a shift from an annual touring schedule to a biennial tour schedule.

Will this affect any of our other ensembles?

There will be no change to the way in which we operate our other ensemble groups and we will continue to ensure that our entire choral community has the best experience during their time with Shallaway. Our commitment to our members and families remains top-priority.